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Terry Whitworth

I shot the deer on my farm Sept. 20, 2015 in Putnam, Co., MO. The bow is a Parker Phoenix EZ draw set at 60 pounds. I used a 100g, 2 blade Rage and Beaman Hunter 400 arrows. I love this bow because I have some shoulder issues and it has a nice smooth draw.

I've spent the past week in Missouri bowhunting and working on my farms where I grew up. I now live in Washington State, but return for deer and turkey season every year. When I arrived in Missouri for opening of deer bow hunting it had turned very hot and humid, afternoons got up to 89 degrees. On opening day I missed a turkey. It went downhill from there, no other shot opportunities until Sunday night, my last possible day to hunt. We had to fly out the next morning so I would only shoot at a good buck. I headed for a tree stand on a bean field food plot on my final hunt of the trip. It was warm and sunny and I was sure that nothing would come out until close to sunset, but I made it to the stand at about 5:45 PM. I got out my book to read, looked up a 6:00 and there was a beautiful 9 point buck 25 yards from me with a doe. I forced myself to stay calm and saw it was going to graze within 15 yards if it continued on its path so I decided to be patient and wait for the easier shot (the wind was steady in my face). I lost track of the doe but she wandered to the north of me, I was focused on the buck. She either smelled me or saw me move because she suddenly snorted and raced back east and in an instant the buck was gone. Patience is not always a virtue. I thought there was chance he'd come back since he didn't see or smell me, but nothing. Five minutes before dark a bigger buck, an 11 point with a sticker (so an 12 point) that was even more beautiful showed up south of me, coming slowly towards me. Within seconds of it being too dark he got broadside of me at 31 yards and I decided I could make a good shot. I really focused and the shot sounded solid, he exploded west down the field and back south into the woods. When I got down it was dark and I couldn't find my arrow or blood, so I went back to the truck and called my brother in law to help me, he lives nearby. We started searching about an hour later and I found a nice splatter of blood, and finally a few more spots blood, then I could find no more. My brother in law did his usual random exploring while I tried to find more blood. I had seen the deer run into the woods and he looked hunched up but we could find no more blood in the woods. However we encountered a doe nearby that just didn't want to leave. We suspected the deer was down nearby. We searched from 8:30 to 10:00 PM, but we could find no more sign and I was prepared to look again early in the morning. As by brother in law wandered back up toward the bean field he stumbled onto the dead buck only 15 yards from the edge of the woods. He'd veered off the obvious deer trail and died in stride. The arrow had angled down from high on the chest through the lungs, but didn't exit, his chest cavity was loaded with blood, but there was virtually no visible blood. When I hit it, the buck exploded at a dead run and covered the hundred yards to where it died in a few seconds so there was little time for a good blood trail. This is my biggest archery buck and a real thrill at the last possible moment of my hunt.

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