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To submit a photo for consideration to be featured on Parker's website, follow the steps below:

1. Image must be below 1 mb in file size.
2. Photo must have Parker product featured in a presentable fashion (we will make some exceptions for images without product).
3. Write a story to go along with the photo (ie: name of hunter, location of kill, what bow was used, size of animal, where you bought the bow from, etc).
4. Send photo with story to: and place "For Parker photo gallery" in the subject line.


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Terry Frohriep

Last year, at the age of 66 and 20 some years of deer hunting, I finally shot a once in a life time buck. He officially score 173 inches gross and netted 169 3/8 inches for the state record book. He has 10 points and weighed 186# field dressed. I shot him at 31 yards with a Parker Enforcer from a treestand using a Red Hot arrow and Crosspro 100 broadhead. Thanks Parker Bows for helping to make this happen.

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