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Kayla Graver

My daughter has been hunting with me for years. We have made many great memories in the woods including me shooting the zipper off my blind and still killing the 8 pointer I was shooting at, we still laugh about it to this day. I have been waiting for the day she was big enough to handle a weapon herself and do some shooting. She killed a big gobbler in Pa under the mentor program this past spring. On September 8, 2013 she took her hunter safety course in New Jersey. We borrowed a friends Parker Challenger in order for her to take the archery portion of the test. She shot well with all the weapons and especially the crossbow. She got only 1 wrong out of 100 questions on the written test. I was so proud that day and I have many pictures. On September 13, 2013 I went to Pineland Sporting Goods in Jackson, NJ and bought her that very same crossbow, the Challenger.

After all the great kills I have had over the years including some nice bucks no hunt was more memorable than the day my 10 year old daughter bagged her first buck. As the buck walked towards us I could see the excitement in her eyes. I was not sure who was more nervous me or her! She patiently waited for the right shot, the deer eventually stood broadside at about 15yards. She shot, I saw the deer kick up and I could see she made a perfect shot. I was so excited I remember shaking trying to text my family and friends that Kayla just shot a monster buck.

I love the sport of hunting and even more now that my daughter has her license. She is a fine sportsman! She can shoot well and track a deer like no other! Step aside Daddy, there is a new Buck Slayer in town!

Thank you Parker for thinking of the youngsters and making such a fine youth crossbow!
Thank you Cyrus at Pinelands Sporting Goods for everything!
Thank you Kayla for such a great hunt and memory! I look forward to many more hunts with you!!!

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