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Probable World Record Stingray Taken with Parker StingRay Crossbow

MINT SPRING, VA. Parker Bows, a manufacturer of high quality Compound bows, Crossbows and Crossbow Accessories teamed up with Crossbow Magazine's Todd Bromley and Gene Schang for a bowfishing excursion. Using Parker's StingRay bowfishing crossbow, Gene Schang landed a probable world record stingray with a crossbow on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Todd Bromley, Publisher for Crossbow Magazine and Gene Schang, Field Gear Editor for Crossbow Magazine went bowfishing off the Eastern Shore of Maryland with a Parker StingRay Crossbow and came away with a probable world record 96.5 lb stingray. Gene Schang was the triggerman when the giant stingray was sighted about 15 feet from the boat in 2 feet of water. "The Parker Stingray performed flawlessly and the grapple point arrow firmly held the large stingray, despite the significant strain on the equipment," said Gene Schang. The giant stingray was gaffed and hauled in to the boat where Gene and Todd looked on with excitement at what they had accomplished.

"I am not into record books as much as I am into the sport of hunting and fishing," said Gene Schang. "If it does become certified as a state or world record, I would be happy just knowing that maybe I exposed many people to the world of bowfishing with crossbows.A very exciting sport that is right at the front doors of most people in this country."

The full story of the bowfishing trip with the Parker Stingray Crossbow will be featured in the October issue of Crossbow Magazine which hits newsstands nationwide in October.


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