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RED HOT Lighted Capture Nocks

Parker Bows, a manufacturer of high quality Compound bows, Crossbows and RED HOT brand Crossbow Accessories is proud to introduce the new RED HOT brand Lighted Capture Nocks, Powered by Nockturnal. The new Lighted Capture Nocks feature Patent-Pending Universal Fit Technology and come in your choice of Red or Green.

Uniquely designed to fit multiple crossbow arrows, the Lighted Capture Nocks require no assembly. They can go straight from the package to the arrow within minutes maximizing your time in the woods. The high visibility L.E.D. activates by a contact switch hidden within the groove of the nock to prevent inadvertent activation or deactivation. The L.E.D. can be turned off easily by flipping a switch located on the side of the nock. With a lithium battery life of more than 20 hours, these lighted nocks will provide months of enjoyment in the woods. Patented Capture Nock Technology is built into each nock which increases Accuracy, Durability and Safety by fully Engaging the crossbow string.

The nocks are waterproof and shockproof and come in a pack of three. The new RED HOT crossbow Lighted Capture Nocks are available in red or green and retail for $32.99.

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