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Question: Does changing the draw length change the draw weight?
Answer: Changing the draw module on a Parker bow does not affect the draw weight.

Changing the draw length by shortening or lengthening the string or string position will affect the draw weight. The longer the string, the higher the poundage. The shorter the string, the lower the poundage.

Question: Can I use another brand of strings and cables for my Parker?
Answer: We recommend using only Parker strings and cables on your Parker bows. That way you will be assured of having the highest quality, most durable and correct length rigging on your bow.

Question: How is draw length adjusted?
Answer: On most Parker bows the length is adjusted by changing a module in the cam or cams. See your owner's manual to determine which module you need to make the bow fit properly. Other Parker bows have a module built into the cam that can be repositioned to adjust the draw length. Again, check the owner's manual.

Additionally, on some models there is a second string attachment post that will allow for a 1/2" reduction in draw length.

Question: How is draw length measured?
Answer: Draw length is measured when the bow is at full draw and being held in the "valley" or the highest let-off point on the cam. The measurement is taken from the point where the nock is attached to the string to a point 1-3/4" in front of the pivot point of the grip.

In other words, from the nocking point on the string to roughly the front edge of the bow. Draw length is NOT measured to the arrow rest mounting hole as many people think.

Question: What range can draw weight be safely adjusted?
Answer: All Parker bows can be adjusted down at least 10 pounds from the marked peak weight. For instance, you can adjust a 70 lb bow down to at least 60 lbs.

Question: Can you change cams on a Parker bow? (i.e. Super Cam to EZ Draw)
Answer: No. The relationship between cams, risers, limbs and the draw weights they produce automatically dictates that cams are not interchangeable on different Parker bow models.

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