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Question: What is the minimum draw weight for hunting?
Answer: Check your local game department regulations concerning the minimum draw weight required to bow hunt big game in your state. If there are no legal guidelines that you must follow we recommend no less than 40 pounds of draw weight.

Question: If I shoot a release aid, should I shoot directly off the string or should I use a string loop?
Answer: Generally speaking, it makes the most sense to shoot a properly installed, short string loop on the string. Usually tuning is easier, serving wear is minimized and you don't have to worry about pinching the arrow off the string while drawing or letting down.

Question: Where is the ADC program and How do I Install it?
Answer: The ADC program can be found here: and also in the drop down navigation under RED HOT ACC.>Crossbow Scopes. Once on the page click the link: Download the ZIP file here. It will prompt you to save the zipped folder. Save to your desktop. Once the download is complete, open the zipped folder and click on RedHotADC_Setup. You will be prompted to install the program on your PC.

The program runs on PC only.
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