Synprene Grip
This is not a rubber grip. This grip is made of a material pioneered by Parker for archery applications called Synprene.

This space age material was specifically formulated to simulate the the durometer (material's resistance to permanent indentation) as human flesh. What this means for the archer is a leap forward in grip performance. Because this Synprene grip and the human hand are of the same durometer they work together before, during and after the shot which results in a dramatic reduction in hand torque, shot consistency and superior comfort.

Synprene is engineered to deliver extremely low hardness values not found in other elastomers and performs well in a wide variety of temperature ranges and environmental conditions.

You'll find this high quality Synprene grip to have a tacky and noticeable shock absorbing feel.

Gripping your bow for that shot of a lifetime on a cold winter's day never felt so good!
Right Hand - Fits All Pre-2010 Parker Adult Model bows, except BlackHawk & Field Grade
Left Hand - Fits All Parker Pre-2010 Adult Model bows, except BlackHawk & Field Grade
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