RED HOT Crosspro 100 Broadhead

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Red Hot Crossbow Broadheads   
The CrossPro 100 Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadhead   
RED HOT Crosspro 100 Crossbow Broadheads are patented and engineered to work with high performance crossbows. They have razor sharp blades, hardened steel, no moving parts, no rivets, and no o-rings. Crosspro 100 Broadheads feature an Exclusive Blade Retention System that makes blade replacement effortless.

A 1 1/16" cutting diameter guarantees a wound channel that puts game on the ground fast.
  • Engineered for modern, high performance crossbows
  • 100% Steel Solid Machined Ferrule
  • Solid Blade Locking System
  • Short in length (closest to Field Point profile)
  • Large Vents in blade design (Reduces planing)
  • Stainless Steel Blades - Replaceable
* Mass Weight - 100 grain
* Cutting Diameter - 1 1/16"
3 pack
Replacement Broadhead Blades - 9 pack

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