RED HOT Capture Nocks

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Red Hot Crossbow Capture Nocks  
Capture Nocks are essential to each crossbow for accuracy, safety and durability
The introduction of Parker's Patented Capture Nock is a giant leap forward in nock technology - enhancing accuracy, improving safety and increasing durability.
  • Ensure proper arrow & string alignment.
  • 100% string containment.
  • Increases accuracy.
  • Avoid accidental crossbow dryfires.
  • 60% more material for added strength.
  • Reduced serving wear.
  • Weighs 15 grains each.
  • Fits the Following Crossbow Arrow Brands: Parker Hunter Arrows (2013 & up), RED HOT arrows (2014 & up), and others with inside diameters of 0.300".
Mass Weight - 15 grains each
Green 12 Pack .300
Red 12 Pack .300
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