Sidewinder Cocking Device

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Parker's Sidewinder Cocking Device offers an easy method for cocking your crossbow and is only designed to work with Parker Crossbows.

The Sidewinder easily and temporarily slips over your Parker crossbow stock butt plate. Simply attach the hooks to the crossbow string and wind. It's that easy! In seconds you're ready to shoot.

The Parker Sidewinder ensures consistent string alignment which translates to dead-on-accuracy.
Crank handle mounts on left or right side of Sidewinder

  • Extra long rope to accommodate all Parker crossbows.

  • Hooks have a smooth radius - Helps extend serving life.

  • Machined and knurled handle for solid grip.

  • Virtually eliminates cocking effort.

  • Lightweight, compact design, slips on for use and easily removes when not in use.

  • Unlike Built-in models:

    • Does not add weight to crossbow.
    • Does not add vibration and noise to crossbow when shooting.

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