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For the first time ever, crossbow enthusiasts now have the first brand of high performance crossbow accessories available to them for crossbows that shoot over 300 feet per second. Everything about RED HOT is geared towards high velocity and features that enhance the hunters experience in the field.

One of the flagship products of RED HOT High Performance Crossbow Accessories is the NEW line of 3 Power multi-reticle scopes and red dot optics.

Designed exclusively for the serious crossbow hunter, the RED HOT multi-reticle scopes are supported with the Arrow Drop Compensator Program. This software allows the owner of any brand of crossbow using a RED HOT multi-reticle scope to calculate the exact yardage of their crosshairs regardless of the weight of the arrow or speed of the crossbow. The ADC Program calculates the trajectory to the yard, by increments of one foot per second speeds.

It is as simple as 1,2,3...

1) Simply mount any RED HOT multi-reticle scope to your crossbow, sight in the focal crosshair for 20 yards.

2) Shoot one arrow through a chronograph, and record the speed of the arrow.

3) Enter the recorded speed in the upper left hand corner

And the A.D.C. program plots your trajectory graph, and prints out a limb label for your reference and exact distances.

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